The world needs to come together

Sometimes I feel like there’s just so much pointless division in the world. I am no John Lennon preaching that there should be no countries, but I certainly feel like we could do better in how we treat people.

I used to feel that with my generation, people would finally not care too much about this kind of stuff. But, on the daily I see things on the internet that make me lose hope. There is just too much hate due to differences in race, religion and gender.

I’m totally understanding of conflicts regarding ideologies. For example, there will always be people who lean towards socialism vs. capitalism, there will always be rationalists vs. mystics, etc. There will be conflicts as long as we have a brain to think.

But hatred towards someone just because they have a different skin colour, or because they have a different set of reproductive organs *blows my mind*. Yes, it is a part of the human experience to judge. You can dislike a group of people, because you don’t like something that they do. But I don’t see how it gets generalized and turns into hatred. What truly irks me is pure hatred.

But, as with all things, the bad parts are over-represented. In my experience, there are way more people who are good and kind and loving. I also feel hopeful for the future. The connectedness that we have because of technology will have a huge part to play.

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