Why I decided to blog here

So I was looking at this post that I found on Hacker News, and the post itself is very good and in-tune with what I think about grad school (or perhaps any structure/institution) but more importantly I realized how cool it was to use a blogging platform.

I already have a static website. However there is no way for people to comment on there. Also, I am usually quite reserved when it comes to my blog posts and I do a lot of drafts, etc. whenever I am writing something new. I wanted another space where I could just write whatever I want without thinking too much about it, since I do feel like writing a lot.

So, if you know me because of hacking/programming stuff, this blog won’t be a great place to be, this is probably gonna be more like an online diary. Also, it feels cool not to have to write in barebones html lol.

I first decided to use blogspot, but abhaynayar.blogspot.com was already taken (probably by me, I couldn’t find any linked account) so I decided to come here.

Anyway that’s it for now, I’ll come and rant here the next time something happens.


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