Monthly Archives: December 2015

Macbook 12 inch

I just purchased the new Macbook 12 inch which is also known as the retina macbook. It is infamous for having just two ports. But what might surprise most people is that one of the major reasons why I bought this notebook is just due to the less clutter it has. What a wonder it is to look at. Of course I wouldn’t recommend it to power users, but for people who want to code or maybe browse the internet with the added advantage of this ultra thin build, fan less cpu, individually backlit keyboard, great display, good speakers, force touch trackpad, and an amazing space grey color to choose from – I’d say it is pretty good. It is not for the power users because of the cpu, but otherwise it has an 8gb ram and 256 gigs of ssd storage. Many people call it expensive, but without being biased, I’d say it is not expensive if you think what a big deal it was to engineer the hardware of this thing. The other thing people point out is that it has less key travel. They say that it takes time to get used to it. Yes that is certainly true, but the amazing thing is that once I got used to it (which took me a day or two), the other keyboards felt like a century old, but that is my personal perspective. Maybe the reason of this futuristic feel is that even if I touch the extreme edge of a key, the entire key pressed down evenly, plus the keys are way big and the keyboard spreads out till the edge of this machine. There is although one bad thing about this laptop, it does not have a very sturdy hinge. If you notice very very carefully, you will see that when you type, the monitor will shake. This doesn’t happen with other laptops from Apple that I have seen. Apart from that, there is nothing that really bothers me, but still I will lay down the disadvantages. It has a very bad quality webcam, the Apple logo at the back does not glow, the usb-c cable does not indicate whether it is charging and if it is charged. Plus it is tightly fixed so you maybe trip over the wire and take the laptop along with you which does not happen with MagSafe. But I won’t complain because by incorporating usb-c, Apple’s moving towards standards in technology. A video I watched on Youtube said that this is a replacement for iPad. Maybe for some people, but this still is a few tones up where productivity is concerned. I can’t make android apps on iPad, neither can I do my c++, or type on this futuristic keyboard. Anyways, that’s all, I may have missed something, but I guess I haven’t missed something that might be a game changing feature. Just the things that came to mind immediately.


I just wanted to share this really cool video which a few friends of mine along with me executed. This video is about the stuff that happened during our practices of a play at our school. We were in total five guys and I was majorly the Editor and the other guys worked with the camera.

Do watch it, and I hope you like it. Watch Now.